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Nasal tip surgery, also known as Tipplasty, is a procedure performed to correct the tip of the nose in patients whose upper 2/3 of the nose and bone and cartilage structures are anatomically normal and the problem is in the lower third of the nose. It has common goals such as changing the angle of the tip of the nose, reducing the width of the tip of the nose, reducing the clump, making the nose look more compatible with the rest of the face.

Who are good candidates?

  • Nasal tip and nostrils are not compatible with the upper 2/3 of your nose,

  • The tip of your nose is low,

  • The tip of your nose is asymmetrical,

  • You have very large nostrils.  You may be a suitable candidate for nasal tip surgery.

How long does the surgery take?

According to the procedure, it is performed under general or sedation-supported local anesthesia. It lasts about1 hour. The patient is sent home on the same day, but if other procedures are performed, he or she is hosted in the hospital for one night. Although there is no pain, there may be a slight swelling which decreases within 1 week. The stiffness of the nasal tip decreases within a few months in accordance with the healing process. The patient can return to work within a week. It will take several months for full recovery and to take  its final shape.

Is there a permanent scar?

If the nasal tip is incised through the nose (closed technique), the scars remain hidden inside the nose. If done with open technique, there is a small incision in the tissue between the nostrils in addition to the incisions in the nose. Once the recovery is complete, there may be a slight trace.

Are the results permanent?

Considering that there will be no impact or trauma to the nose, the results of the nasal tip surgery become permanent after the swelling begins to diminish (may take several months).