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Breast reduction surgery is performed to reduce unwanted excess of breast tissue surgically in breasts that are larger than normal and to provide an aesthetically beautiful looking, lighter and comfortable breast in appropriate sizes to the person's body. After surgery, patients get rid of back, waist, neck and shoulder pains as well as under-breast irritations and diaper rash caused by sweating. Thus, breast reduction surgery not only provides an aesthetic appearance to the breast, but also saves patients from physical problems such as posture disorders caused by large breasts.

Consultation with Dr. Hakki
During breast reduction surgery consultation the following is discussed: surgical goals; medical history,  previous ultrasounds and mammograms, and a family history of breast cancer; currently used substances, including drugs, supplements, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco; current state of health; expected result; postoperative care and possible complications.
The size and shape of the breasts and surrounding skin are measured and examined. Photos are taken and breast reduction options are discussed, after which Dr.  Hakki recommends an appropriate treatment. For the success of breast reduction, it is very important to answer all the surgeon's questions honestly and openly ask anything that needs clarification.

Who are good candidates?

  • If you have back and neck pain and are experiencing rashes and irritations under the breasts

  • Your breast has become larger and heavier; if your nipples hang down

  • If one breast is larger than the other

  • If you are unhappy with the size of your breast, you can become a suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery.

Those who want to have breast reduction surgery should know:

Breast reduction surgery is made according to some measurements and drawings made in accordance with personalized body proportions. Although there are many surgical techniques commonly used techniques; “Vertical scar technique”, “Inverted T Technique” and “Free Nipple Technique.. Which technique will be used in the surgery is chosen to be the most appropriate for the patient. Regardless of the technique used, it should be known that there will be vague traces after surgery. The scars also vary according to the patient's skin structure and the technique used.

Inverted  T Technique

In the inverted T reduction technique, the traces descend down around the nipple perpendicular to the nipple groove and extend in the opposite direction in the nipple groove in the opposite T-shape.

Vertical Scar Technique

In this technique, unlike the inverse T technique, the traces descend only around the nipple as a line perpendicular to the nipple groove. It is the most commonly used technique and leaves the least trace.

Free Nipple Transfer Technique (Free Nipple)

It is a technique applied to very large breasts extending to the navel where the nipple is completely separated from the breast and transferred to the planing site in accordance with the preoperative drawings such as a graft.

Surgery Planning and Operation Process

After the necessary tests are performed and the approval of the anesthesia is obtained, markings are made according to the previously planned technique while the patient is standing in the room before the anesthesia in the morning of surgery. The future point of the nipple is marked. The skin around the nipple is removed during surgery. Excess breast and fat tissue on both sides are removed and weighed. The nipple is adapted higher up to its new location. The nozzle is shaped and checked for symmetry. If necessary, liposuction is performed in places with fullness. After placing drains as a safety measure on both breasts, the skin is closed with sutures. The bandages are glued and the styler is taken to the patient room with a special bra. The operation takes 2 - 3 hours depending on the size of the breast. The patient is hosted in the hospital one night. Postoperative pain is negligible. There is no need to remove stitches because melt stitches are used. The bandages are changed after 3 days. A special bra is required for 6 weeks after surgery. The patient can return to daily life in 2-3 weeks. The person should stay away from work requiring weight lifting and excessive activity for up to 6 weeks and should not smoke.

The majority of patients experience symptomatic relief after breast reduction surgery, a more active lifestyle is achieved and a significant increase in quality of life is experienced. Breast reduction surgery is a very high level of patient satisfaction.

Does it leave permanent scar?

This will vary according to the method that suits you. Although the scars are permanent, they become significantly indistinct over time with good scar care. We, as plastic surgeons, make every effort to minimize the scars in order to achieve the desired results with as few scars as possible.

Are the results permanent?

If you do not gain or lose a significant amount of weight or if you do not have a pregnancy, your results will remain long-term.


The results of breast reduction surgery are permanent but can change due to significant weight fluctuations, aging, pregnancy and gravity.
In some cases, more than one surgery may be required for best results.
Specific diagnostic procedures may be avoided after breast reduction surgery.
Patients who have had breast reduction surgery are more likely to develop an infection after a breast or nipple piercing.



  • Duration of treatment: 3 hours
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Stay in Istanbul: 7 days
  • Socially acceptable: 2 weeks


Breast Reduction Cost in Turkey


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