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Nowadays, one of the most important problems for men is the penis and its thickness. For many reasons, penile lengthening and thickening surgeries can be performed on the penis in accordance with the patient's request.

Can penis length be extended by surgery?

After the examination of a plastic surgeon, the penis can be lengthened up to 2-3 cm depending on the patient's condition.

Which method is used most frequently in penis lengthening surgery?

The most commonly used method is to extract the part of the penis remaining in the body by cutting the penis retaining ligament which is between the root of the penis and the pubic bone.

What are the methods of penis thickening?

It is a thickening method performed by injecting the fat around the penis harvesting from the abdomen or waist area. Approximately 40 to 50% of the injected fat remains until the end of life.