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Piezo Rhinoplasty Difference

In rhinoplasty surgery, the most common fracture of the nasal bones is done with hammer and chisel. After the bone cutting with these instruments, problems such as swelling, bruises and unwanted fracture lines  may occur around the eye. In piezo surgery, there is almost no bruising around the eyes. In addition, since we can cut the nasal bones in a controlled manner with Piezo device, unwanted fracture lines do not occur so that we can give the bones the shape we want. Thus; Piezo rhinoplasty is the most popular method today because of its advantages such as rapid recovery and early return to daily life.

Who are good candidates?

  • If your nose is too large or too small compared to your face

  • If your nose is arched

  • If your nose is crooked to the right or left

  • If your nose tip is wide or tip depressed

  • If your nostrils are wide

  • If you have breathing problems

  • If you have a congenital nose deformity

  • If you have a traumatic nose due to an accident

  • If you have not benefited from your previous aesthetic nose surgery

  • If you expect not perfection, but beautification and a better look.

If you have good general health, have a positive attitude and have realistic expectations, you can be considered a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty surgery.