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One of the most frequently asked questions to me during the breast augmentation surgery consultation is what implant size will be used? Patients usually have an implant size in their mind and when they come to the first consultation in my office they say it without hesitation. "Doc, I want my implant 350 cc certainly", or "I dont want it smaller than 400 c" pls. Indeed, one of the most important decisions of breast augmentation is to choose the right size of the implant. The first consultation before surgery is very important to understand the person's goals. I always tell my patients that this is more than just choosing a size; this is a process and I say your goals and expectations may change in time. 1600 cc implant view and 1000 cc implant view are different. 

 In the past, discussions based on cup size using the A, B, C, D, DD sizing system have proved incomplete at best and inaccurate at worst. A better way to explain this would be based on the patient’s preexisting anatomic limitations and how thesde limitations may affect the final result. For this purpose, here are a few tips to understand the patient's expectation and make her decision easier:

1- Your life style : The size of the prosthesis you choose should suit your lifestyle. If you have an active sports life and exercise intensely, you may want to stay away from very large prostheses. Besides, do you want people to notice your new breasts or do you want to keep them out of sight? These are all important lifestyle aspects that should influence your implant size decision. Some people may not want their breast size to increase visibly, then a small breast prosthesis is used. Such patients often seek a modest fullness that is not exaggerated. A larger implant can be easily used, but the patient does not want this degree of breast enlargement. 

For another group of patients, the most important concern is for the breasts to be as large as possible, but the shape to appear natural. In particular, the slope of the upper pole of the breast should be straight, with no obvious bulging to suggest that an implant has been placed. 

Another group wants an overly full breast. When patient wears a swimsuit or a low-cut dress, she wants it to be understood from the outside. In this case, a larger implant is used. And; 

 Some want the most exaggerated; The largest prosthesis that can be placed under the existing breast tissue without taking into account the unnatural breast shape.

2- Along with the size consider the shape and location:  

Many women who have undergone breast augmentation also need breast uplift to correct sagging breasts. This usually applies to women who have breastfed once or more. When a surgeon removes excess and saggy skin and tissue during breast uplift, the result may be slightly lifted but smaller breasts due to tissue removal. For this reason, you may want implant that will recreate the appearance of your pre-pregnancy breast or you may want to increase its volume in a more dramatic way. In either case, you should make sure that you wait at least 3 to 6 months after weaning your last child before breast augmentation for your breast size to stabilize.

3- In the long run:

Although breast implants are not designed to last a lifetime, they will be with you for a long time. It is important to consider how they will affect your life over the years. 5 years from now, will you be happy with the look you chose today? Try to choose prostheses that will make you happy now and later in your life.

4- Listen to your plastic surgeon's advice:  

It is very important to follow your surgeon's guidance and advice. He will give you his advice based on years of experience that is in your best interest. There is no "perfect" size. Rather, there are a variety of sizes that will make you happy. 


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