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Sometimes I get questions about whether the fat will come back after liposuction. It is important to know that liposuction results are permanent. It is not possible to see your body "regrowth" or fat in other areas in response to liposuction with laser method. When we perform laser liposuction, the cells are permanently removed and these cells disappear forever.

Fat Cells and Liposuction Relationship

Laser liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. It produces results that can be observed immediately after the operation, which becomes much better over time and shapes your body like a sculptor. This is something that diet and sports cannot achieve alone. However, it requires adherence to a healthy lifestyle to maintain results. It is imperative for a person to open a new page in his life after such a procedure. The thought  "I have had laser liposuction so I can eat and drink whatever I want  and don't do sports anymore"  is not true.

According to the latest research in the world, there are a certain number of fat cells in adult humans. This number is determined by your own genetic  and does not change from birth. So why am I gaining weight and getting fat? This is because fat cells don't stay the same size. When we gain or lose weight, our fat cells grow or shrink accordingly.

There are a certain number of fat cells in your body that shrink or grow due to weight gain, and the total number of fat cells does not increase or decrease, except in two very special situations

The first exception is excessive weight gain. If the existing fat cells reach their maximum size, the fat cells divide and form new fat cells. The other exception is liposuction, which can reduce the total number of fat cells in your body by physically removing it. Laser liposuction melts the fat cells through a special cannula, turns them into olive oil consistency and then permanently removes them from certain parts of the body by means of a vacuum.

Maintain your results!

The ideal candidate for laser liposuction is a healthy person whose weight is within normal limits and is stable. Liposuction destroys fat cells permanently, but this does not guarantee that you will have your body forever after liposuction. Liposuction shapes your body by removing fat from certain areas. If you gain weight after lipo, you'll still keep the same body shape. For example, if you have had abdominal liposuction and gained weight over time, your belly will be flatter than at that weight, but it's important to maintain your results through diet and exercise. If you gain weight after liposuction, the areas where liposuction is not applied may be more prominent. But the good news is that diet and exercise can get you back in your body after lipo once again.