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What to Know About Breast Implant Removal Surgery

What to Know About Breast Implant Removal Surgery

What to Know About Breast Implant Removal Surgery


Breast Implant Removal


Removal of breast implants is surgery to remove silicone or saline implants.The most common reason for breast implant removal is when women decide they don't want any more implants. They may feel that the implants look unnatural or that they're too large. Some women who had breast augmentation find that the implants cause pain or discomfort. In some cases, the implants become infected or develop a hard lump on the surface.



What is removal of a breast implant?


The most common reason for having breast implant removal surgery is to get rid of old implants. This is done when there is a problem with the implant itself, such as rupture or leakage. Other reasons include cosmetic concerns, pain, or discomfort.


Why is breast implant removal performed?


Breast implants don‘t last forever. They usually last about 10 to 15 years before needing replacement. But there are some risks associated with having breast implants removed. Your doctor will discuss these risks with you during your consultation.


Who needs to have breast implants removed?


Breast implant removal or replacement is not sometimes medically necessary. Your doctor will consider many factors when deciding whether to remove or replace your implants. These include: Scar tissue hardening around the implant. Pain, discomfort or breasts that don’t look like they used to. Breast implant-associated anaoplastic large cell lymphoma, a rare cancer that occurs only in scar tissue around an implanted breast. Textured implants. Calcium buildup around an implant. Leaking of an implant. Movement or shifting.




What occurs during removal of a breast implant?


The surgery will be under general anesthesia. During breast implant removal, your surgeon will make a small incision on your chest wall. The incision will be made just below your the lower fold of your breasts (inframammary fold)armpit. Your surgeon will remove the implants through the incision. After removing the implants, he/she will sew up the incision.


What happens after breast implants are removed?


After the surgery, your doctor will give you specific instructions about how to care for your incision. He or she will tell you when you should return for a checkup. You may need to wear a special support bra for several weeks after the operation. This helps keep your breasts firm and prevents sagging. Drains are used to remove fluids and blood from under the skin. They usually come out within 2 days.



What are the benefits of breast implant removal?


Some women choose to remove their implants because they don't like how they feel after having them. It's not uncommon for women who had silicone implants to develop a painful condition known as capsular contracture. Capsular contracture occurs when scar tissue forms around the implant. This causes the implant to become firm and inflexible. Women who have had breast implants removed often report feeling much better about themselves.


What are the main risks of breast implant removal?

Many people undergo breast implant removal surgery with little or no complications. However, all surgeries carry some risks. One of the most common risks associated with breast implant removal is being unhappy with the appearance of your breasts after surgery. Other complications of implant removal may include: Asymmetry, seroma, infection and loose skin.



How long does it take to recover after breast implant removal?


The average time for full recovery is six weeks. You may experience swelling, bruising, pain, numbness around the incision site. These symptoms usually go away within several days.




Will my breasts be saggy after implant removal?


When you have breast implants, your skin stretches to adapt to the size of your breasts. After implant removal, your breasts may sag, or look misshapen. Many women choose to have implant removal in combination with a breast uplift (mastopexy). During a breast lift, your plastic surgeon removes excess skin and reshapes your breast tissue. If necessary, the surgeon can also reposition the nipple areola. The result is firmer, higher located breasts.





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