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                         Brazilian butt lift is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves fat transfer to provide fullness, shape and roundness in your buttock area.

If you've heard of Brazilian butt lift and are curious about more permanent results from exercise, learn more about how to find a competent plastic surgeon to make sure the procedure is done well and safely.

BBL process

                        Brazilian butt lift consists of fat transfer to the buttock, which draws attention with its natural-looking results. The process includes the following steps:

The procedure is performed in the hospital under general anesthesia.

Your surgeon then uses liposuction to harvest fat from other parts of your body, such as the hips, abdomen, and thighs. In liposuction, the fat in the body is harvesting with the help of a cannula by entering through small holes in the skin with thin cannulas.

The newly discarded fat stores from your body are purified and made ready for injection into your hips.

Your surgeon completes the procedure by injecting the refined fat into specific areas of the buttocks to create a more rounded, fuller appearance. They make three to five incisions around the hips for fat transfers.

Both liposuction and fat transfer incisions are closed with sutures. Your surgeon then applies a compression garment to the affected areas of skin to minimize your risk of bleeding.



                   Unlike other methods of buttock surgery, such as the placement of silicone buttock implants, brazilian buttlift is performed to provide more natural looking results and at the same time to create more roundness. It can also help address certain issues that sometimes come with age, such as sagging and disfigurement. You can also consider this procedure if you are uncomfortable with shape imbalances that make it difficult to wear comfortable clothes.

Another benefit of Brazilian butt lift is the lower risk of infection compared to silicone buttock implants. It also has a better safety profile than other substances that are sometimes illegally injected into the buttock by people who are not authorized to perform the procedure, such as fillers. Despite these advantages, there are some serious risks to consider.

Risks of Brazilian butt lift


Brazilian butt lift may carry fewer risks compared to other surgeries such as silicone butt implants. However, as with any surgery, this procedure carries certain risks. These include:




Lumps under the skin in areas that are sucked or injected

Skin loss in treated areas due to deep infection

Fat embolism in the heart or lungs, which can be fatal

Current reports show a death rate of 1 in 3000 as a result of Brazilian butt lift. If the procedure is done incorrectly, the injected fat can enter the large veins in the hip and travel to the lungs. This can cause respiratory distress and ultimately death.

Another known side effect is that your butt can't take the grafted fat stores. A certain amount of injected fat is broken down and absorbed by the body. Sometimes you may need a 2nd session. To help minimize this risk, your surgeon may add extra fat the first time.


Brazilian butt lift recovery and appearance


                   As with any plastic surgery, you need to pay special attention after Brazilian butt lift. You will be able to sit on your butt with a bbl pillow. For 4 weeks after the surgery you will need to sleep facedown until the area heals completely. Your hips may swell for several weeks as you recover from surgery. Generally, the effects of this surgery last from a few months to years. Initially, you may need more than one procedure until you get the exact results you want. Also, it may take up to six months for you to see full results from the first treatment. You can help achieve a positive result by avoiding or gaining weight.


Am I a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift?


It's always a good idea to consult with a plastic surgeon before considering Brazilian butt lift. In the following cases:

If your natural butt shape is distorted due to age or weight fluctuations

If you do not feel comfortable in clothes

If you have enough fat stores in your body to get fat

If you don't smoke

If you are at a healthy weight

If you are someone who leads a healthy lifestyle that exercises regularly

If you have not experienced any recent infection or complications related to the surgery, you may be a suitable candidate for the BBL procedure.


How can I find the right plastic surgeon?


                          Securing the right plastic surgeon depends on learning their credentials and experience. Most surgeons offer consultations where you can ask questions about their training and certification. They should also have a portfolio of photos showing examples of their work. It's important to trust your instincts on this one. If a surgeon seems overly eager to perform the procedure at an extremely cheap rate, he may not be a legitimate surgeon. If you are having trouble finding a plastic surgeon, you can start by doing a research at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) or at International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).


                           Brazilian butt lift surgery is increasing in popularity all over the world. You'll have a better chance of getting a good result when done by an association approved, experienced plastic surgeon. Prepare ahead of time and familiarize yourself with the process, costs and recovery time before making the final decision.

Although Brazilian butt lift is a popular surgery, it is not suitable for everyone. Talk to your surgeon about your desired outcome, as well as your health history. He or she may suggest this process or a different method that better suits your needs.